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Chapter 348 oil pin
“Granny, we went along to the seaside once more . . . ” Zhen Congming happened to run over to her .
Chapter 348: You Still Have an Att.i.tude? (2 in 1 Chapter). Translator: Noodletown Interpreted Editor: Noodletown Translated It was subsequently already evening hours when Hao Ren, Xie Yujia, and Zhen Congming sent back to your home . Your house was lively given that Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were heading to . Their extended ponytails swung behind them when they hopped across the living room area like two b.you.t.terflies, hauling all over plates and tidying along the family table . They seemed to be enthusiastic and virtuous . Granny looked at them walking around happily, and she right away identified as out when she saw Hao Ren appear in, Ren, the reason you have been out throughout the day again! Grandma, we traveled to the seashore just as before . Zhen Congming jogged onto her . He appeared similar to the speaking model of Minor White-colored, and Hao Ren couldnt even stay his peevish appearance . Nevertheless, it handled Granny properly . She smiled and explained, All right, fine, ok, when you experienced fun! Grandmother would have been bored to dying if Lu Linlin and Lu Lili didnt come to see her now . Zhao Zhonghua and Yue Yang were definitely residence for the few days, nonetheless they have been not nearly as talkative when the twins . They would only view some Television set with her and go work with their scientific research undertakings . However, the twins would speak to her and let her know jokes . They even can brought her a ma.s.sage, which designed her so comfy that she couldnt even discuss it . She really wished for to make them her granddaughters once they wished . At the present time, she already obtained quite a few grandsons and granddaughters even if Hao Ren was her only true grandson . This is the sort of contentment a senior citizen woman like her expected . We have been keeping yourself around today, Gongzi! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili hopped facing Hao Ren and reported cheerfully . Hao Ren couldnt say everything because Grandmother, the supervisor, set up to help them to slumber around . It appears as if Gongzi has advanced once again, Lu Linlin gladly whispered . Lu Lili considered Hao Ren happily too together with her crescent-moon-like sight . We are going to go to Gongzis space to evaluate your elemental essences! Lu Lili continuing as heated air became available of her oral cavity . Hao Ren viewed them and was at a loss for ideas he knew they will would result in very little issues for him once they arrived over . Time for dinner! Time for dinner! Yue Yang reported from next to the dining room table as she couldnt stand up experiencing Lu Linlin and Lu Lili hang up onto Hao Ren . She didnt locate them frustrating she was just a bit nervous because there have been quite a few women all over Hao Ren . It was subsequently an attractive evening meal . Small Bright white crouched beside the desk that has a 100 % serving of various meats looking at it, and it acquired quite a sizeable mealtime at the same time . Little Whitened had missing its ambition to be a snow lion several years ago due to the fact it had been currently in a relaxing atmosphere of this nature . It rubbed their own tummy as it rolled on to the floor by using a complete belly . It looked especially adorable featuring a four golden paws . Yue Yang couldnt assist but give it two additional bowls of pork even though she wasnt a real family pet man or woman . Im going out once more, Mom, Hao Ren explained he was still anxious about Zhao Yanzi because he now enjoyed a Groundwork Place Supplement . How come you happen to be always heading out! Yue Yang reported as she laundered the foods . Xie Yujia only smiled from beside her . Our company is emerging with you, Gongzi! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili quickly adopted Hao Ren out . For now, Grandmother shook her top of your head and laughed, obtaining Zhen Congming into her forearms . Hao Ren dashed to the Eastern Seas Dragon Palace at high-speed on his sword power using the reddish electricity sphere about him, and Lu Linlin and Lu Lili implemented him like two minimal sidekicks . Zhao Yanzi was hungrily waiting around in the very little palace, and she quickly opened up the doorway when she been told a person jogging around . But to her discontent, Hao Ren didnt contain a carrier brimming with snacks now he arrived drain-given . Zi! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili waved at Zhao Yanzi externally the palace . Sibling Linlin, Sister Lili . Zhao Yanzi smiled and waved at them . Zhao Yanzi didnt maintain any hostility resistant to the twins since they ended up very close up with Elder Lu . Also, these were interested in learning the whole world like little kids, and she felt like they didnt always keep all over Hao Ren . Xie Yujia produced her even more dangerous by comparison . Zhao Yanzi said to Highest regarded Xia who was position because of the front door inside a lovable overall tone, The best Xia . Her speech was calm and wonderful . Highest regarded Xia searched about and didnt see any individual, so he waved for the Lu Sisters, letting them know to look inside . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili have been very ingenious . They quickly hopped within the very little palace and gone into Zhao Yanzis bedroom . Most recognized Xia stopped at Lu Linlin and Lu Lili a whole lot every time they were locked up within the An ice pack Palace, therefore they possessed always recalled his goodness now that they were unveiled . Therefore, there had been a interaction.h.i.+p relating to the three of them . Un-hem! Most recognized Xia dry coughed while he stood within the entrance to protect for them . Zhao Yanzi was content . She obtained little idea that Hao Ren would bring two lots more people to go out with her . You completed all the snack food items? Hao Ren asked in surprise when he discovered her drain mattress . What exactly? What exactly? Zhao Yanzi created confronts at him along with her go up . Almost nothing . Hao Ren supported off two ways and got an elixir from his necklace, In this article, this is in your case! What exactly is it? She squinted as she checked out the elixir in his hand . It is a levels 6 Base Company Supplement! Lu Linlin said in shock . Zhao Yanzi didnt recognize it, even so the twins experienced seen many things, hence they promptly acknowledged the level and performance with the elixir capsule . They had even observed many stage 9 golden products, but this is Initial Heaven where nature fact was very thin . A levels 4 elixir supplement was already extremely treasured simply because this region was determined by the dragon cultivators who wasnt great at creating elixirs . A lot of the elixir capsules inside the East Beach Dragon Palace were definitely of amount 3, as well as much better styles have been amount 3 . Only point 4 elixir grasp can make point elixir products, but there had been barely any stage 4 elixir masters on Initial Heaven . Zhen Congming wasnt an element of the Dragon Tribe and rarely really helped by helping cover their doing elixirs . Thus, the elixir grasp everybody believed about was the level 3 elixir grasp out of the West Ocean Dragon Clan . Just due to this level 3 elixir grasp, the To the west Ocean Dragon Clan had a lot of elixirs, as well as their level of quality was superior than that of almost every other seas dragon clans . Added to that, that they had Mystic Ice as his or her neighborhood area of expertise . For that reason, their farming energy was significantly better compared to other three sea dragon clans . Level 4? Zhao Yanzi blinked in delight . She didnt shell out a lot attention to developing well before, but she still understood about a few things . Things like the level 4 Basis Replenishment Tablets, Basis Establishment Drugs, and Detox Pills couldnt be casually removed and utilised by cultivators in Eastern Sea . Even on 5th Paradise, just where every sect was helping to make elixirs, it wasnt easy to see stage 3 and amount 4 elixir supplements . Consequently, the three compact sects near Ethereal Summit have extremely thrilled after they acquired ten stage 3 Foundation Organization Products . Ya, level 4 . Xie Yujia designed some nowadays, and this also the first is for you personally, Hao Ren stated . Oh . she caused it to be, Zhao Yanzi looked chilly suddenly . She expended four a long time with this and specifically manufactured one for you, and this also will be your att.i.tude? Hao Ren considered her, dissatisfied . Zhao Yanzi snorted at Hao Rens light scolding . She really want to assemble the elixir dietary supplement last Hao Rens palm, but she didnt achieve it after a little consideration . She was on levels 10 of your Qi Refinement Realm and merely a step from the Basic foundation Business Realm . Nonetheless, all of the Basic foundation Organization Pills saved in the East Ocean Dragon Palace ended up degree 2, which often can only fortify her world rather than.s.sisting her in smashing over the present kingdom . This levels 4 Groundwork Place Pill could surely . Xie Yujia explained that you require one of these simple Cornerstone Company Pills since you now are saved to point 10 on the Qi Refinement Realm, Hao Ren extended . Zhao Yanzis mouth area twitched a tad in disbelief, but her cardiovascular softened a bit . Why she actually is so sort . Zhao Yanzi shown to herself . Please get the elixir capsule basically we are listed here, Tiny Zhumu, Lu Lili reported from beside her . Zhao Yanzi viewed them and idea for a touch . Then, she set the grey dietary supplement in her own mouth area . She realized that Lu Linlin and Lu Lili had been both great-leveled cultivators like Su Han, and it will be far better to break by way of since they are there . Heavy character substance became available of her oral cavity and nostrils immediately . As for Groundwork Company Drugs, degree 2 was the most awful stage 3 was somewhat common, and amount 4 was the perfect . Out from the three divisions, degree 3 Groundwork Establishment Capsules could a.s.sist optimum point Qi Refinement World cultivators to interrupt right through to the cornerstone Place Kingdom . However, the danger of disappointment was higher . Degree 4 Basic foundation Place Pills could supercharge the chance of succeeding at a large, but levels 4 Foundation Establishment Products werent normally employed for a low-point disciple in stopping through to the Foundation Organization World . Zhao Yanzi can use a degree 4 Basis Place Capsule inside of a.s.sisting her breakthrough discovery . It was the kind of option only essential elders young children and grandkids on 6th Heaven acquired . As a result, it was ridiculously high quality for Xie Yujia to eat a level 4 Foundation Company Pill every day to better her power . A very good smell suddenly stuffed the space . The character fact inside the supplement accessed Zhao Yanzis body . Zhao Yanzi didnt would like to underestimate an elixir supplement like this . She sat near the sleep and begun to rotate the Qi Refinement Scroll . It would usually consider at the very least one day to break up this supplement completely, and is particularly not a warranted being successful, Lu Linlin claimed . Not much of a secured achievement? Hao Ren bought stressed . Zhao Yanzi gritted her the teeth it seemed like she was splitting using a tolerance . However, if you enable the Foundation Place Pill steer how and make putting the outdoors heart and soul into it, then there shouldnt be any concerns, Lu Linlin continued . So, what do i need to do? Zhao Yanzi finally explained coming from the mattress . Whatever, she really want to make it to the Groundwork Place Kingdom . She converted with a Zhen-degree cultivator to a ordinary individual who couldnt use any one of nature fact . Hao Ren wouldnt be able to understand her sentiments . Gongzi could smooth Very little Zhumus heart and soul, Lu Linlin laughed . Cant the two of you achieve it? Hao Ren asked right away . We certainly have various farming methods than Minor Zhumu and Gongzi . Usually, we could have assisted you level-up years ago, Lu Linlin mentioned . Lu Lili stored nodding as she withstood beside her . All they might do was evaluation the elemental basis breakdown in Hao Rens human body and providing him some farming recommendations . Gongzi cultivates all five elemental essences concurrently, and it could provide the most steady aspect basis . As well as, Gongzi is two realms ahead of the Small Zhumu . So, you are the the best option human being to the.s.sist her in busting through . Alright, let me get it done then, Hao Ren stepped forward and hit his hand out to Zhao Yanzi . Gongzi . it is important to place your palm on Small Zhumus backside for that the outdoors substance to get in, Lu Lili reinforced two measures up and stated nervously . What? He needs to touch my backside? Zhao Yanzi almost hopped off of the your bed . Not only that . there shouldnt be clothes between you two, Lu Linlin added . Why didnt you . say so earlier on! Zhao Yanzi rolled her eyeballs in feel dissapointed about . There were one Basis Store Supplement, and she failed to wish to plead with Xie Yujia for an additional one particular . My sibling possesses a very phlegmatic personality, and you simply got the capsule just before she could finish off, Lu Linlin claimed . The truth is, Zhao Yanzi only essential to uncover herself a h2o-elemental dragon in the dragon palace to help you her break throughout the Basic foundation Store Kingdom . However, now . May I . continue to keep my . undergarments on? she made slightly to inquire about Lu Linlin . She really needed to break through to the cornerstone Organization Realm completely just before the strength of the capsule wore out . It will not be as good, nonetheless it really should operate very, Lu Linlin answered . Eh Hem . Hao Ren removed his neck and didnt say nearly anything . Hmph! Zhao Yanzi gritted her pearly whites . She expected Lu Linlin and Lu Lili to tug inside the two sides of your blanket . She shouted to Hao Ren after some rustling appears to be produced by her clothing underneath the cover, Hurry up! Hao Ren converted and noticed Zhao Yanzi within the cover with only an undergarment on . She possessed her back again toward Hao Ren, and she had untied her ponytail her dark-colored locks protected component of her neck area . However, her shoulder blades, her lower back, her waist below that undergarment, as well as 1 / 2 her biceps and triceps below the blanket had been okay when in front of Hao Ren . Her easy pores and skin is in an easy pinkish coloration . She was seeking all she could to destroy right through to the basis Store Kingdom . Also, considering the fact that Lu Linlin and Lu Lili are there very, she wasnt scared of any unwell purposes Hao Ren probably have . The nature substance in her own human body was das.h.i.+ng almost everywhere, and she couldnt keeping it under control flawlessly together semi-really serious farming potential . Her physique was superb, and she was obviously a purely natural water-part cultivator . The moment she completely got rid of the dragon main, she became the so-referred to as Pure Water Body Type . Hence, she could get to stage 10 with the Qi Refinement World in this short time period . However, which was also precisely why her world wasnt consistent . A point 10 Qi Refinement World cultivator on and above 5th Paradise will have to get prepared for 50 % a year to the year or so to get rid of to the Foundation Place Realm . The undergarment wasnt very thicker, so Zhao Yanzis clean lower back may very well be slightly viewed . Hao Ren had taken a deep inhalation, stepped forward a few measures, and placed his hands on the shoulder joint rotor blades . It had been soft . What ever, I do not thoughts you lighlty pressing me! Zhao Yanzi shouted ahead of she additional, Odd Uncle! Top Xia was stupefied for a couple mere seconds as he stood out of doors and observed the expression feel . He been curious about what it really recommended . Then, he a.s.sured himself that there shouldnt be something bad because the Lu sisters had been on the inside as well . As reported by the principles, prior to the marital life, the Fuma was absolutely not allowed to feel the princess . Hao Ren blushed at Zhao Yanzis remark . He was really a typical otaku, and the man wasnt striking enough to use something sneaky . He were bluffing ahead of the folks, but once it took place to him, he still have extremely nervous . Midsection-schoolers like Zhao Yanzi had been becoming more and more wide open . Hao Ren, because the uncle, was obviously not her opponent . Um . Gongzi . dont get distracted, Lu Lili reminded him . Rush up! Internet marketing so freezing! Zhao Yanzi urged him just as before . Hao Ren centered again . Along with his on the job her shoulder area, he added a nice quantity of water elemental characteristics heart and soul into her meridian thru his hand . It turned out just like how Su Han poured aspect heart and soul into Hao Rens entire body by his wrist to ensure he could fresh paint along with his sword energies . The Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll could take up, translate, along with exchange character heart and soul . Hao Ren cultivated all five elemental essences all at once, and his groundwork was very consistent . He was the best mother nature heart and soul transporting system . The pouring right out of the standard water-elemental heart and soul didnt influence him in any way, as well as character substance which had been transferred beyond his system behaved like sword energies that may always be operated by him . The character essence in Zhao Yanzis entire body was very chaotic, along with the normal water-elemental substance from Hao Ren immediately tidied the spattered nature essence . The variable sword strength could easily go swimming all around in the meridian considering that she wasnt combating it in anyway . Zhao Yanzi slowly and gradually calmed down her weighty respiration and begun to rotate her method together with Hao Rens sword energys assistance . This secure sensing built her chill out . As if his sword vigor discovered by means of her body thoroughly, she felt all this over her human body . This is only like… she considered . You shouldnt get distracted sometimes, Tiny Zhumu! Lu Lili reminded Zhao Yanzi . Zhao Yanzi really preferred to become identified as Very little Zhumu, but she obtained no idea the fact that twins referred to as Xie Yujia Huge Zhumu . The character basis from the Foundation Company Tablet traveled via Zhao Yanzis meridian as well as Hao Rens sword vigor . Then, it began to spread . All her meridians have been unblocked as she was at amount 10 on the Qi Refinement World . To reach the basis Organization Realm, she would have to have a Daoist Cardiovascular . She revolved the character basis of her Qi Refinement Browse in conjunction with Hao Rens drinking water elemental heart and soul about and close to . Ren Meridian, Du Meridian, Chong Meridian, Dai Meridian, Yinqiao Meridian, Yangqiao Meridian, Yinwei Meridian, Yangwei Meridian . The effectiveness of the Foundation Store Tablet swam thru most of these meridians . The two Nature Quantity Scroll and the Qi Refinement Browse have been simple strategies, and also the methods of farming have been somewhat very similar . Hao Ren had comprehended the Qi Refinement Scroll during the Daoist Temple about the summit of GreenStone Hill, along with the classic Grandmother injected the Qi Refinement Browse into his mind when assisting him breaking up right through to Kan-levels . As a result, he was acquainted with the actions of developing this approach . There had been no challenge in aiding Zhao Yanzi in reference to his the outdoors essence in any way . Hao Rens palms ended up finding sweaty, and Zhao Yanzis again was getting cozy . Increase . Each of the mother nature basis dashed toward Zhao Yanzis top of your head . The gathered nature fact was smashed into portions suddenly . Her whole body softened, and she almost couldnt be placed right . Hao Ren achieved out his fretting hand to help you her toned into his arm . All the nature fact on the area applyed toward her physique, but there wasnt nearly nearly as much as the amount her physique required . The nature substance in the Groundwork Place Pill arrived into function currently and made up to the space . It formed a stream of ambiance and compiled near Zhao Yanzis dantian . There is no producing without having to break . To build up the cornerstone, she necessary to quit all her mother nature heart and soul and make new character substance . If she performed to the mother nature basis she acc.u.mulated while she was in the Qi Refinement Kingdom, she wouldnt have the capacity to glance throughout the Perfect Dao and obtain a Daoist Cardiovascular . Now, she had given up her standing being a mortal finally stepped into the gate of the world of farming . The hard portion of Basic foundation Company was to enable go 1st and take back subsequent . Just one found it necessary to consume every one of the the outdoors essence he / she experienced and instantly take back new basis . It could have been a failing if a person didnt arrive at the subsequent period . The Basis Organization Supplement placed a ma.s.sive number of nature basis to compensate for the hollow timeframe . With this, the cultivator could get yourself a brand name-new entire body . Zhao Yanzi lied in Hao Rens arms lightly, blus.h.i.+ng . Oh yeah, I thought you didnt thoughts . Hao Ren checked down at Zhao Yanzi and laughed . You . she gritted and aimed to strike Hao Ren together with her fretting hand . Even so, she didnt get the power to make it happen . Should I shift her more the outdoors basis? Hao Ren asked the twins who had been ranking beside him . Thats not required, Gongzi . The Building Blocks Company Dietary supplement could offer Very little Zhumu the most natural the outdoors substance, and all of she would need to do now is to recuperate gradually, Lu Lili responded to . Oh, that is fantastic . Hao Ren removed Zhao Yanzi and place her for the wooden sleep . Then, he assemble the cover through her . This lady includes a good number . Hao Ren shown to himself following he quickly peeked at her body . Zhao Yanzi observed Hao Rens shocked look, but she still hadnt acquired the strength to combat back again . She couldnt even roll her vision at him . Her face was blus.h.i.+ng a result of the annoyance, while it seemed like she was behaving bashful . Fuma Hao, its time for that nighttime munch, Most recognized Xia shouted from outside . Hao Ren recognized it turned out his cue, so he waved at Lu Linlin and Lu Lili and walked away from there along with them . Rest perfectly tonight so that you can enhance your realm down the road a . m . whenever you get up, Hao Ren said to Zhao Yanzi as he closed down the threshold on her behalf . Negative fellow, undesirable dude, bad guy . Zhao Yanzi cursed at him a hundred times in their center despite the fact that she couldnt make a appear . Occur, allows go back . Hao Ren guided the twins away from the very little palace . While he was still worried about Zhao Yanzi, he was required to abide by the guidelines of the dragon palace . Immediately after the prosperity of Basic foundation Establishment, Zhao Yanzi will likely be lively such as a bunny yet again down the road . Now that she actually is better, that knows the amount of more challenging it would be to manage her . Hao Ren slightly sighed . The great news is i always am already at the Center Structure World, then i will not be bullied through this long term tiny wifey, Hao Ren realized the significance of increasing his strength at thinking about this . If she grabs up, it would be tricky to say who is likely to be better down the road . Um . um . Her skin is very delicate . Splash . Hao Ren spread out opened water and left the East Ocean Dragon Palace together with the twins under Leading Xias gaze .
Hao Ren switched and observed Zhao Yanzi underneath the cover with only an undergarment on . She experienced her backside toward Hao Ren, and she acquired untied her ponytail her black color head of hair taken care of portion of her the neck and throat .
Hao Ren dashed to your Eastern side Ocean Dragon Palace at high-speed on his sword electricity with the crimson strength sphere all over him, and Lu Linlin and Lu Lili implemented him like two minimal sidekicks .
“My sibling provides a very phlegmatic temperament, and you simply had the supplement just before she could conclude,” Lu Linlin explained .
Right now, she already acquired lots of ‘grandsons and granddaughters’ despite the fact that Hao Ren was her only real grandson . That was the sort of delight a senior girl like her wished for .
The undergarment wasn’t very dense, so Zhao Yanzi’s easy rear might be slightly observed .
Hao Ren cultivated all five elemental essences simultaneously, and his cornerstone was very stable . He was the perfect characteristics essence transferring gadget . The preparing out of your liquid-elemental essence didn’t have an impact on him in anyway, and the the outdoors basis that has been transferred from his body system behaved like sword energies which could remain controlled by him .
wood beyond the world
“It would usually have a minimum of twenty-four hours to absorb this dietary supplement thoroughly, and is particularly not really a certain achievement,” Lu Linlin claimed .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Zhao Yanzi didn’t identify it, but the twins acquired found several things, so they right away determined the level and performance of the elixir product .
The undergarment wasn’t very thick, so Zhao Yanzi’s smooth backside could possibly be slightly noticed .
Hao Ren developed all five elemental essences at the same time, and the basic foundation was very regular . He was the right nature fact moving gadget . The pouring out of the drinking water-elemental fact didn’t have an effect on him in any respect, plus the character substance which was moved out from his entire body behaved like sword energies which could remain controlled by him .
Hao Ren dashed to the East Water Dragon Palace at high speed on his sword strength along with the red-colored strength sphere close to him, and Lu Linlin and Lu Lili adopted him like two small sidekicks .
She didn’t fork out very much focus on cultivating before, but she still was aware about a couple of things . Items like the amount 4 Fact Replenishment Tablets, Groundwork Organization Products, and Detox Pills couldn’t be casually taken off and utilized by cultivators in East Ocean .
“Zi!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili waved at Zhao Yanzi externally the palace .
Small Whitened had dropped its ambition for a snowfall lion several years ago because it had been living in a calm environment such as this . It rubbed its stomach simply because it rolled on to the ground that has a 100 % belly .
Her sound was silent and sweet . Most recognized Xia checked all over and didn’t see any one, so he waved within the Lu Sisters, letting them know to move inside of .
Nonetheless, her shoulder muscles, her backside, her midsection below that undergarment, as well as fifty percent her arms beneath the blanket were definitely all right when in front of Hao Ren .
In fact, Zhao Yanzi only had to discover themselves a water-elemental dragon during the dragon palace to help you her bust throughout the Basis Organization Kingdom .
Lu Lili investigated Hao Ren gladly too together crescent-moon-like view .
Theory And Practice, Applied To The Cultivation Of The Cucumber In The Winter Season
The character essence of the Groundwork Business Product originated into job at this point and made up for the gap . It formed a steady flow of temperature and collected near Zhao Yanzi’s dantian .
A strong bouquet suddenly crammed the surrounding . The character heart and soul on the capsule entered Zhao Yanzi’s human body .
Both Spirit Attentiveness Scroll along with the Qi Refinement Browse have been primary approaches, and also the methods of cultivation were a little bit comparable . Hao Ren obtained comprehended the Qi Refinement Browse from the Daoist Temple in the summit of GreenStone Mountain peak, along with the aged Granny injected the Qi Refinement Scroll into his head when assisting him stopping through to Kan-degree .
“So, what must i do?” Zhao Yanzi finally said from your your bed .
Nevertheless, it labored on Grandmother totally .
She really desired to make them her granddaughters if they wanted .
Hao Ren couldn’t say anything at all since Grandma, the superior, set up to enable them to sleeping through .
“Why you happen to be always going out!” Yue Yang reported as she washed the meals . Xie Yujia only smiled from beside her .
“Hmph!” Zhao Yanzi gritted her tooth . She questioned Lu Linlin and Lu Lili to pull up the two ends on the blanket . She shouted to Hao Ren after a little rustling seems made by her clothing underneath the quilt, “Hurry up!”
She really desired and have them as her granddaughters as long as they hoped .
“Why that you are always going out!” Yue Yang complained as she rinsed the recipes . Xie Yujia only smiled from beside her .
“Why she is so kind . . . ” Zhao Yanzi believed to herself .
“Hmph!” Zhao Yanzi gritted her pearly whites . She required Lu Linlin and Lu Lili to tug the two corners from the cover . She shouted to Hao Ren after some rustling looks made by her outfits under the blanket, “Rush up!”

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