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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2167 bed test
Is enjoy all they have within his head…? Can’t he check out his circ.u.mstances initial? A manager is seriously a supervisor. They already have extraordinary idiocy.
“Xiuran has still left the region definitely,” Haitang responded.
“Who do you consider Ji Xiuran is? They want to trap him on this particular tiny island? I’m hesitant it’s less than simple,” Haitang addressed.
Though Haitang acted very pa.s.sionately in those days way too, Ye Wanwan hadn’t healed her experiences however and had no clue who Haitang was, so she didn’t talk with Haitang for too long and composed an excuse to go out of.
“Ji Xiuran reported the Martial Arts Union might not have objectives of hurting us, so he instructed us to not ever fear for the present time,” Haitang reported.
“Forget with that now. Haitang, where’s Ji Xiuran?” Ye Wanwan pushed.
Haitang chance a review of the guy who spoke prior to pushing Ye Wanwan and pulling her out of doors.
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Is really like all he has in the head…? Can’t he take a look at his first? A employer is seriously a employer. They offer amazing idiocy.
How do Ji Xiuran undertake it???
“Um, there were no followthrough after Ji Xiuran escaped?” Ye Wanwan was baffled. With Ji Xiuran’s style, he shouldn’t have abandoned his close friends.
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“How have you get captured below?” Haitang hastily questioned Ye Wanwan.
“Oh ideal, here’s a letter for you. Ji Xiuran told me to give it for you personally.”
“Oh appropriate, here’s a notice on your behalf. Ji Xiuran advised me to give it to you.”
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Nonetheless, on next considered, why didn’t the Karate Union directly get rid of them but imprison them with this isle instead…? What was the Martial Arts Training Union’s objective for achieving this?
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The Martial Arts Training Union imprisoned us for this isle presently, still he imagined they still don’t possess intentions of doing harm to us?
Is love all they have in their head…? Can’t he look into his very first? A supervisor is seriously a boss. They offer extraordinary idiocy.
Ye Wanwan: “…”
Haitang taken a look at the person who spoke before yanking Ye Wanwan and dragging her exterior.
As opposed to designed storehouse they observed, what Ye Wanwan cared about far more was the news that Ji Xiuran escaped in the island…?
“No way right… Ji Xiuran was aware I would get seized here?” Ye Wanwan was astonished. Don’t say Ji Xiuran is really a clairvoyant…
From Haitang’s detailed description, Ye Wanwan found that this tropical isle was split into three big districts—A, B, and C—and the individuals of each region typically didn’t relate with other zones and rarely jogged into other individuals.
“Um, there was no followthrough after Ji Xiuran escaped?” Ye Wanwan was puzzled. With Ji Xiuran’s character, he shouldn’t have abandoned his pals.
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When she was becoming sent on the destination, she observed that even the yacht trip required a while, so, just how do Ji Xiuran get away from?
“Who do you think Ji Xiuran is? They needed to trap him about this minimal tropical island? I’m reluctant it’s not uncomplicated,” Haitang answered.
While Haitang acted very pa.s.sionately in the past as well, Ye Wanwan hadn’t recovered her experiences still and had not a clue who Haitang was, so she didn’t communicate with Haitang for days on end and made up an justification to leave.
“Oh appropriate, here’s a letter for yourself. Ji Xiuran said allow it to you personally.”
In the near future, Ye Wanwan followed Haitang on the island’s Section A.
When Ye Wanwan 1st showed up on the Individual Status and pretended to become Director Fearless, she once achieved Haitang within a collecting between your significant factions.
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A leader’s eyes sparkled when he spotted Haitang.
The Karate Union imprisoned us with this tropical isle currently, nevertheless he idea they still don’t get goals of hurting us?
“Oh right, here’s a letter in your case. Ji Xiuran advised me allow it to you personally.”
When she was becoming transferred into the area, she followed that including the boat journey took quite a long time, just how performed Ji Xiuran get away from?
“Eh, Haitang’s here… Gimme a kiss.”
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How does Ji Xiuran do it???
Compared to the intended storehouse they located, what Ye Wanwan cared about far more was the news that Ji Xiuran escaped through the island…?
“Haitang, you’re still so aggressive and tyrannical… I’ll love you till I die…”
Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded. He really escaped?!
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“No way right… Ji Xiuran understood I would get taken below?” Ye Wanwan was surprised. Don’t inform me Ji Xiuran can be a clairvoyant…
When she was getting moved to your island, she followed that the yacht journey had taken a very long time, now how does Ji Xiuran get away?
Well before Ye Wanwan could feel greater, women whose extended curly hair arrived at her waist accessed. When the lady found Ye Wanwan, astonishment entered her eyeballs, and she identified as, “Xiao Feng!”

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